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Why You Should Build Musical Memories for Your Child

Proper Stimulation - Building Musical Memories

5 years ago, Kim had just turned two and at bedtime that night, she turned her face to her mom expecting her to sing her favourite lullaby. It was a simple, made up song the mom composed a few months back, asking her to sleep.

Tulog na, Kim, matulog ka na. Close your eyes, Kim, go to sleep...”

Zip back to today and Kim, now 7 years old, still knows the lyric of that made-up lullaby and gamely sings it back to her mom. Unknowingly, it has become one of her fondest childhood memories.

Music, either by listening to it, dancing to it, or composing a song, appeals to children no matter how old they are. It has been proven to bring multiple benefits to health, concentration, mental development, and even relationships.

For parent-child bonding, here are some activities you can do to create musical memories and hone their gift in music:

Play classical music, a bit of jazz, or some rock ‘n roll quietly in the background especially during playtime, meal time, and even while your child is drinking milk. It also helps if you play his or her favourite songs and sings along with them. These kinds of moments create a happy mental picture for your child.

Create a personalized playlist. Include singable songs liked by both you and your child. Play it in the car to avoid fidgeting and boredom. It will be great to have a dance playlist too for when you are home.

Start a Friday night tradition of a Family Music Night. You can encourage your child to sing songs and play a musical instrument. Everyone in the family can even practice one song and perform it in front of the grandparents or other relatives. This activity is a sure fire way to develop your child’s self-confidence as they showcase their musical talent / gifts.

One mom once made a walking song for her son to encourage him when he was starting to learn how to walk. “Walking, we’re walking, Mommy and Child. Walking, we’re walking hand-in-hand…” A made-up song about bath time, nap time, or even quiet time will be enjoyable for your child. As he grows up, allow him to come up with his own compositions.

Relatives will be thrilled to receive a singing birthday greeting, be it via a recorded message or a live song! It would also be great to look back and listen to the compiled birthday songs sung by your child every year.

Nurture your child’s musical gift by silently recording your child singing or humming his favorite tunes. You can use it as a ring tone, or as part of a special video when he graduates or celebrates a special milestone.


A shared musical time, be it watching a concert together or listening to songs, really has the magic to nurture not only the gift in music, but also boost one’s confidence and improve closeness within groups.

For your child’s development, make sure he gets the nutrition he needs as well alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to support proper growth and mental development.

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