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Just Add Milk: Upgrade Your Child's Favorite Dessert

Milk recipes for dessert - Proper Nutrition - Promil Four Philippines

Milk is good for your children, especially as they are growing up, to build their bones and provide a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. In the beginning, it is not always easy to get them to drink their milk. But you do not have to sacrifice your picky eater’s health. Get them to drink--and finish--their milk by including growing-up milk when you prepare their favorite desserts and snacks. This way, you can ensure that your children will receive enough nutrients from milk to support their overall growth and development.

Here are some exciting ideas:

You can use packaged mixes as base, just ensure that you add a few tablespoons of growing-up milk as you mix in the eggs to prepare this delicious and nutritious breakfast.

For children who love chocolate, just add some cocoa powder to their growing-up milk, and watch them gulp it down and even ask for seconds! You can also add other flavors to their milk like strawberry.

Whether as breakfast or a snack, you can make this glutinous-rice-based meal creamy and healthy by adding some of your children’s growing-up milk before they eat it.

Choose a fruit or a mix of fruits, toss them in a blender, then add growing-up milk. It’s a simple, yummy boost to your children’s health.

You don’t have to keep lining up at the mall to get those yummy drinks. You can make them extra healthy at home! After you steep the tea in hot water, you can add growing-up milk, ice, then some chewy sago. Your children will have fun enjoying them with a big straw, too.

Peanut butter isn’t just a good sandwich spread, you can also make snacks from them. Combine creamy peanut butter with honey, then use oatmeal and growing-up milk as a binder. The balls will be a nutty treat for your growing kids!

Creamy pastillas are one of the best Filipino sweet treats. You can ensure that your children snack healthy by using their growing-up milk to make your homemade pastillas.

Whether it’s for their lunchbox or playtime snack, you can prepare various flavors of cupcakes that will tantalize your children’s eyes and pique their interest. The plus of adding growing-up milk to your basic cupcake mix is that you make sure they satisfy their dietary requirements.

A sponge cake is a great base for a variety of cakes: you can add fruits, creams, chocolate icing, or even ice cream toppings! But to make it extra nutritious for your children, use growing-up milk to make the cake.

Cookies are great food because they are handy and can be packed for long-distance travel, if need be. For your children’s snacks, add growing-up milk to the batter. Then, you can use the same to make different batches: chocolate chip, raisins, and peanut butter.

Leftover bread doesn’t have to go to waste. You can breathe new life to it by mixing up some sugar, butter, eggs, cinnamon or nutmeg, raisins, and of course, growing-up milk. Serve them warm and with cream for maximum effect.

Cut up some fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapples—and whatever else is in season. Mix some water and growing-up milk. Then, combine them and serve. Your children will get all the benefits of the vitamins and nutrients in the mix.

By mixing yogurt and growing-up milk, you can make store-bought yoghurt even healthier. Then, add some fresh or dried fruits or even jam and marmalade to make sweet treats for the kids. They can also use them as toppings for waffles and pancakes.

Give your children healthier popsicles by making them at home! Make sure that aside from the sugar and cream, you add some of their growing-up milk. They’ll get more nutrients with every slurp! You can also add fruits before you freeze them or flavored syrups like strawberry or chocolate.

Inspired by the Italian original, you can combine growing-up milk with sugar, egg yolks, and cream, and any of a number of flavors! You can even invent new flavors based on your children’s preference. Watch as they sample all the different frozen treats and find their favorites.

This delicious water-and-milk mixture makes any sweet treat even better. You can basically mix it up and stash it in your fridge—and have a healthy add-on that your children will enjoy with their desserts.

You can also add milk to some savory meals that your children will enjoy.

With the combination of growing-up milk and salt as marinade for chicken, you can have delicious meats inspired by the American South.

Inspired by the quick go-to meal, add growing-up milk to make this cheesy, buttery treat truly fortified.

With milk, the possibilities are endless. You can easily add growing-up milk to your children’s everyday meals. It’s not difficult to decide to give your children the proper nutrition. After all, what you feed them will be the building blocks of their lives. So make sure you give them the right nutrition today.