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  • Promil® ORGANIC is a powdered Milk Drink for pre-schoolers over 3 years old.
  • MILK SOURCED FROM NATURE: Certified Organic, and uses 100% Organic milk sourced from organic dairy farms. child's gift to its full potential.
  • EXPERTLY-DESIGNED BY NUTRITION SCIENCE PIONEERS: It contains essential nutrients to help support your child's multi-dimensional development.


Promil (R) Organic is certified organic. It uses 100% oranic milk sourced from organic dairy farms and is manufactured according to organic quality standards.

Promil (R) Organic is a product of Wyeth Nutrition, with more than 100 years of expertise in child nutrition. It is formulated with 100% organic milk; with essential nutrients to support your child's multi-dimensional development to help nourish his learning abilities:

  • Contain 8mg of DHA per serving. Source of Iron and Zinc to support mental development.
  • High Source of Vitamin C, and a source of Selenium and Zinc to support normal immune function.
  • A high source of Vitamin D, a source of Calcium, and contains Manganese to support physical development.
  • Contains 0.5g per serving of Dietary Fiber (Oligofructose)


PROMIL® ORGANIC is for children aged 3+. Not suitable as a breast milk substitute.
Give PROMIL® ORGANIC as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


How to open the can
Hold the upper side of the can with both hands, push thumbs lightly inward on the opening lock. If the lid cap is not sealed with plastic shrink wrap when purchased, do not open & ingest.

Move the lid cover up gently when the opening lock pops open. A scoop is provided on the lid.

How to prepare PROMIL® ORGANIC properly
Pour 130 ml of lukewarm water into a cup then add 3 level scoops. Stir until powder is fully dissolved.


  • Wash your hands before preparing the formula, and use a clean cup for the milk preparation. Use drinking water only, boiled for 5 minutes and allowed to cool. Prepare only one serving at a time and follow instructions exactly.
  • Please refer to the preparation instructions found on the label.


  • Prepare only one serving at a time and follow the instructions exactly. Make sure your child consumes the milk immediately. Do not keep unfinished milk, discard the contents.
  • Close the can tightly after each use and store in a cool, dry place. Use within 4 weeks of opening.
  • Fill is by weight, not volume. Some settling of the powder may occur.


Promil Organic 900g - Promil Four Philippines