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To help your child in bringing out his potential, #NurtureTheGift. Your proper parenting, proper care combined with proper nutrition is what he needs.

PROMIL® FOUR is a powdered Milk Drink for children over 3 years old.  With its right level of essential an important nutrients, it can help support your child’s proper growth and development to #NurtureTheGift together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

PROMIL® FOUR is the one with NUTRISSENTIALS® that consists of:

Its macronutrients—Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat—are at the right level (within the acceptable macronutrient distribution range for children above 3 years old). Carbohydrates is predominantly Lactose, the preferred type of sugar for these children.

For many years, PROMIL® FOUR has helped parents #NurtureTheGift of their child. PROMIL® FOUR is for children aged 3+. Not suitable as a breast milk substitute.


How to prepare PROMIL® FOUR properly
Pour 210 ml of lukewarm water into a cup then add 4 heaping tablespoons. Stir until powder is fully dissolved.


  • Wash your hands before preparing the formula, and use a clean cup for the milk preparation. Use drinking water only, boiled for 5 minutes and allowed to cool. Prepare only one serving at a time and follow instructions exactly.
  • Please refer to the preparation instructions found on the label.


  • Prepare only one serving at a time and follow the instructions exactly. Make sure your child consumes the milk immediately. Do not keep unfinished milk, discard the contents.
  • Close the pouch tightly after each use and store in a cool, dry place. Use within 2 weeks of opening.
  • Fill is by weight, not volume. Some settling of the powder may occur.


Promil Four 400g - Promil Four Philippines 400g
Promil Four 900g - Promil Four Philippines 900g
Promil Four 1-2kg - Promil Four Philippines 1.2kg
Promil Four 1-8kg - Promil Four Philippines 1.8kg