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Is Your Child a Budding Naturalist?

Is Your Child a Budding Naturalist?

All children are naturally curious. But what are some of the things that pique your child’s curiosity?

If your child is the kind to be interested in animals like bugs or exploring the outdoors, this could be a sign that he has a naturalist intelligence. A term coined by researcher Howard Gardner in the book, Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice, naturalist intelligence is one of the nine multiple intelligences. Naturalist intelligence is a kind of physical intelligence characterized by the sensitivity to the natural world, such as plants and animals.

A famous example of someone with naturalist intelligence is Charles Darwin, who theorized the evolution of animals through the process of natural selection. More recently, Greta Thunberg, teen climate change activist, has shown what can happen when an interest in the environment is nurtured – with worldwide effects. 

Is your child endowed with high naturalist intelligence?

To nurture the naturalist gift, you must first learn to see it. Here are some of the traits common to children with naturalist intelligence. Find out if your child shares the same characteristics.

Does your child light up whenever the topic of animals come up? Does he always ask questions about plants? If your child’s favorite book is about dinosaurs, then it could be a sign of high naturalist intelligence. Someone with this gift is actively interested in learning about nature and how it works.

Children with high naturalist intelligence are keen observers when it comes to their surroundings. Their physical senses, such as sight and smell, are attuned to nature. If your child can easily tell changes in the weather or is particular about cleanliness like smog and pollution, then this indicates a tendency towards naturalist intelligence.

One of the best ways to tell if a child has a talent for naturalist intelligence is to observe how the child learns. Does he point out patterns in his environment easily? For example, does he see how certain plants are similar or how a certain animal is different from its close relations? Children are naturally observant, but those with high naturalist intelligence harness this skill particularly in their observations in the natural world. Check if your child often sees similar things that other people may not necessarily take note of.

A child’s potential does not just stop at having keen powers of observation. If your child is gifted with naturalist intelligence, he is also able to retain the information easily, especially when it comes to facts about nature. He can watch a documentary on National Geographic today and then talk about it a few months later. A child's interest in this area naturally fuels a love of learning when it comes to nature and how it works.

Children with high naturalist intelligence appreciate being outdoors and they often show a sense of wonder and admiration for how nature works.

Your child could have this gift if being outdoors enhances his natural skills. For example, your child can create beautiful crafts when working with natural materials such as gathered leaves or seashells. Another example would be learning how to cook when making meals during a camping trip. 

Recognizing the abilities and skills of your child is important because it helps you enhance his learning experience. In the case of the naturalist child, spending time outdoors like going on hiking trails or keeping a nature journal, can nurture his growth and development. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, being in green spaces spells multiple benefits for a child: better mental health, reduced stress, and increased resilience. Nature also helps improve executive function, a child's ability to learn, and his relationships with his family and with other children.

Make sure your child has the energy he needs to explore the great outdoors. Provide good nutrition through a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to support the proper growth and development of your budding naturalist, as you help him achieve his full potential. 

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