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Going Beyond the Canvas: Nurture Your Child’s Artistic Gifts

Going Beyond the Canvas Various Art Media to Nurture Your Childs Artistic Gifts

Your artistic child need not be limited to a specific medium. There is a wide range of art platforms available for them to explore, and going beyond the canvas can help nurture different types of artistic gifts.The good news is that you can nurture your child’s gift even while staying at home by exploring various media and platforms that are available to you. Allowing your child to experiment and surrounding them with good art and design will help hone their creativity and imagination. Below are some ideas that you can explore.

Despite the advances in art technology, drawing remains a fundamental activity to many artists' and designers' work. It remains to be a valuable tool for creative exploration and development of ideas. There are plenty of kid-friendly apps that allow your child to explore with lines, shapes, and colors, along with more interactive features like digital stickers that can help further develop your child’s creative muscles.

Going Beyond the Canvas Various Art Media to Nurture Your Childs Artistic Gifts

Traditional art will always have a place in the digital world. While apps and websites are more convenient, traditional art allows your kids to develop muscle memory and hone their skills.

Hand, finger, and even foot painting

Messy play is essential to a child's development. It helps the brain and body integrate information for later spatial concepts. Finger painting is a relaxing way for your child to express their feelings.

Leaf collage

Collect leaves in various sizes, shapes, and colors,and wait until they are dry. Get creative by having your child create a pattern out of the leaves, like a heart or their favorite animal. Onl

Going Beyond the Canvas Various Art Media to Nurture Your Childs Artistic Gifts

Complement your child’s artistic exploration by letting them absorb the works of great artists. Although we can’t travel and personally see these masterpieces and artifacts yet, exploring various online museums can be as close as we can get to the real thing for now

Some online museums that you can check out include the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the National Museum of Fine Arts, to name a few. It’s never too early to start exposing your child to the exhibits on these visually immersive websites. Part of nurturing their creative gift is to let them consume art in all its forms, from paintings and sculptures to installations and even fashion. Inspiration is all around us. We only need to take advantage of it.

Aside from nurturing your child’s gift with the tips mentioned above, another thing that you can also do at home is to showcase their talent. This summer, Wyeth Nutrition hosts the nationwide search for the next Promil Kid! Your gifted little one might get the chance to join the ranks of Promil kids who have gone on to achieve great things because their gifts were nurtured to reach its full potential.

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