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Fun and simple activities that help foster your child’s love for nature

Fun and Simple Activities That Help Foster Your Child’s Love for Nature - Proper Nutrition - Promil Four Philippines

Children have an innate connection to nature. They are instinctively drawn to their natural surroundings. They are always fascinated about the environment and curious about the world around them. This is a gift, and it’s one that’s worth nurturing.

Many researches have shown evidence highlighting the benefits of nature to the physical, mental, and emotional development of a child. Further studies even suggest that exposure to it can alleviate symptoms of attention disorders in children. But more than these concrete effects, it’s easily observed that children who spend time outdoors are generally happier, more confident, and independent.

While they are young, take advantage of their innate love for the natural world. Providing them with rich and repeated experiences in nature allows for that love to grow and forges a lifelong connection. Luckily for parents, the interest is already there. Providing them with rich and repeated experiences in nature allows for that love to grow and forge their lifelong connection with it. For busy parents who have to work or run the entire household, it seems easier to sit kids down in front of the television or hand them gadgets. But with a little effort, a sense of adventure, and a bit of creativity, you’ll find fun and simple activities that you can enjoy with your children while nurturing their love for nature. Here are fun outdoor activities to try with your kids: 

You don’t need to go into the wild to appreciate nature with your kids. Even those who live in urban cities can create a beautiful patch of it right in their own homes. Inviting your children to help you in the garden can instantly pique their interest and provide unlimited learning opportunities. Introduce them to the different plants and teach them how to care for them. Allow them to plant one themselves and let them see it grow. A simple gardening session could mean a huge discovery for little kids, and doing it regularly could become a fun bonding session they look forward to.

Camping trips set children on the path to a lifetime of outdoor adventures. It makes kids more comfortable with nature and help them develop respect and love for it. It also increases awareness of their surroundings and offers an opportunity for you to teach them survival skills and practical life lessons. Look for safe and secure campsites that are children-friendly and prepare a fun camping experience. Some campsites even offer other activities like nature walks and bird watching. (Can't go far? Start by pitching a tent out on your garden or backyard!)

Birds are beautiful creatures and spotting a variety of them will capture your child’s interest. Bird watching teaches them to appreciate wildlife and builds values of compassion and empathy for nature and all living things. Watching birds in their natural habitat laying eggs, building nests, or feeding their young can open up a discussion of it in a larger scope and teach lessons on how the natural ecosystem works.

Hiking is one of the best ways to get children excited about nature. Pick short, easy trails that they can manage. Prepare water, healthy snacks, and mosquito repellant. During the hike, stay alert, keep them fed and hydrated, and take plenty of pitstops that will allow them to explore and discover. Make it fun by playing games that involve observing their surroundings. Let them get down and dirty - not only will it do their immune system good, it also stimulates their senses and allows them to discover new textures, colors, and other unique elements that they can only find outdoors. 


Introducing your children to the great outdoors and letting them get to know the world through nature will help them become well-rounded individuals, and teach them to care about the environment. 

Nothing beats experience in unlocking your child’s potential to bring out the best in them.

For your child’s development, make sure he gets the nutrition he needs as well alongside a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to support proper growth and mental development.

PROMIL® FOUR is a powdered formula milk drink for children over 3 years old. It is not suitable for use as a breast milk substitute.


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