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Art for the Heart:3 Art Therapy Activities for Children

Art for the Heart:3 Art Therapy Activities for Children

Help your child deal with intense emotions through art while also nurturing their spatial relation gift.

Understanding anxiety and stress and learning how to recognize the warning signs and deal with them is vital for your child’s development. Art therapy is one of the best ways to help your child deal with unfamiliar and intense emotions while also nurturing their spatial relation gift. 

Children who possess the spatial relation gift process things better by interacting with three-dimensional images and shapes. These children are visual thinkers; thus, they can better understand their feelings and the world around them through art. 

What is art therapy?

Art therapy integrates art and psychotherapy, which can help kids ease anxiety and depression, relieve stress, explore their emotions, and improve self-esteem.

However, art therapy is different from an art class because it typically focuses on teaching technique or creating a specific finished product. With art therapy, children are allowed to focus on their inner experience.

According to child development experts, allowing kids to create with their hands helps them get unstuck and stop wallowing in feelings. And when children can create external art from internal feelings, it can help them look at their emotions as something separate from them.

We’ve listed below some art projects that you can do with your child:

Art for the Heart:3 Art Therapy Activities for Children

Creating collages

Creating collages is probably one of the best ways for a child to deal with intense emotions. Since this artform doesn’t require complicated techniques or particular skills, the artist can easily tap into their subconscious. 

Creating tactile art using materials from nature

Materials from nature give your child a sense of grounding; it helps them feel connected to the earth, making it perfect for therapy purposes. 

You can also take the time to encourage your child to be environmentally responsible. For example, only use leaves, twigs, and flowers that have fallen to the ground, rather than pulling them from a plant or tree. 

Art for the Heart:3 Art Therapy Activities for Children

Making sculptures

Sculpting clay stimulates your child’s senses and imagination. The experience of kneading clay and making things out of it gives them a safe outlet for their emotions. 

Creating art can be therapeutic while also helping your child nurture their gifts. The activities mentioned above also provide numerous benefits, including boosting your child’s concentration, developing motor skills, creating better self-awareness, and improving overall happiness. And the more they practice their visual thinking, the better they become at their gift. 

Another way to nurture your child’s spatial relation gift is to give them a daily glass of PROMIL® FOUR, which has scientifically proven nutrients that support your child’s proper growth and mental development to help nurture the gift.