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3 Reasons Why Supporting Proper Growth and Mental Development Helps Nurture the Gift

3 Reasons Why Supporting Proper Growth and Mental Development Helps Nurture the Gift

Did you know that the early years of childhood are crucial in building the foundation for proper growth and mental development? The quality of stimulation and support that you give your child is critical to his mental development. What activities is he exposed to? How are you encouraging him to be curious and to ask questions? Meanwhile, his physical growth is dependent on the kind of nutrition, exercise, and rest he gets at home. What is his daily diet like? How does he stay physically active?

Proper growth and mental development go hand in hand in advancing your preschooler to his fullest potential. Here are the reasons why supporting proper growth and mental development helps nurture the gift:


Once he enters preschool, your child starts to explore a bigger environment outside home. Make sure he gets a right balance of mental and physical stimulation to help him get the most out of learning. Think basic skills such as reading and writing are key to excel in school? Allotting time for indoor and outdoor play is just as crucial, too. 

Provide the necessary tools for brain development—books and educational toys, to name a few—so he can learn new ideas efficiently. Constant stimulation improves focus, sharpens memory, and widens the attention span, therefore enhancing your child’s capacity to retain more knowledge. 
Don’t forget to keep it fun! Engaging in active play lets your little one discover what the body can do and how it works. With a balanced diet and at least eight hours of sleep every day, he can easily perform academic tasks such as reciting in class, participating in extra-curricular activities, and finishing homework.


Preschool opens your child to different experiences both inside and outside the classroom. As his world evolves, his physiological needs demand more as well. 

Create a curiosity-inspiring environment at home and give your child a stable foundation to adjust to a fast-changing world. Upsetting experiences such as getting minor wounds are pretty normal to an active child. However, an advanced brain processes these as positive stress that promote maturity, instead of trauma that can damage neurons and stunt learning. Moderate stress aids in dealing with anxiety, reducing the risk of depression and other mental health issues. 

Limit gadget time for an extra hour outdoors. Exposing your child to unfamiliar places and objects can boost not only his immune system but also his creativity. Arm him with regular exercise, plus a daily diet packed with fresh veggies and fruits to fight diseases, maintain energy levels, and increase happiness-inducing endorphins. Did we mention more time outdoors means more chances of meeting new friends?

To be a successful adult, your preschooler needs a strong body and a sharp mind to develop his skills. Physical, social, linguistic, visual, musical, and mathematical gifts need to be nurtured at an early age because learning these will help them discover their interests. Once you and your child discover these together, you can then provide the right stimulation to develop his gifts, whether he's a budding artist or a master at numbers. 

Raise a well-rounded child who’s always ready to learn by boosting proper growth and mental development. A sound mind and body are essential in mastering talents that open him up to wonderful opportunities. PROMIL® FOUR supports your preschooler’s balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Fortified with Oligofructose and other essential nutrients, it’s filled with lactose which advances the absorption of calcium and phosphorus—making it the right partner for your child’s bone growth and muscle development.

What does the future have in store for your little one? Worry no more! By supporting proper growth and mental development, you help nurture your child’s gifts so he can pursue his passions and make a difference for a brighter tomorrow.